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artist_2010 Your tutor for Paint Malta Courses is international artist Caroline S. Lawrence.Trained at St. Martin's College, London, Caroline has worked extensively as a professional artist throughout the Middle East for over 15 years and in 2002 decided to return to her native home island of Malta.

Having run several successful painting courses in Bahrain, she decided to set up a similar scheme in Malta. Her approach to teaching art is that there is a creative impulse in everyone and all that's needed for it to find expression is to overcome feeling intimidated or unsure of oneself. All too often people get put off from exploring their creativity because they are not sure how to use art materials; they assume there's a right and wrong way of painting or drawing. To a certain extent, basic understanding of a particular medium is required simply because it helps one to manipulate the process of conveying an idea or image onto paper or canvas. But the rest is up to you, or more accurately, the rest is in you. In art, there's no right or wrong way-there's only YOUR way. 

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