19:00 - Exhibitions

C.S.Lawrence will be holding an art exhibition entitled "THE PASSION" during Easter Holy week 2017.

Date of exhibition: 5th April Wednesday  and will remain open till

                               16th April (Easter Sunday)

Opening time: 19:00

Venue: The Oratory of The Crucifix Oratory Street, Cospicua

The exhibition will be opened by the art connoisseur

Marquis Nicolas De Piro

The Theme

This outstanding new collection of 20 large acrylic and mixed media paintings focuses on Sacred Art. Lawrence was first exposed to the Renaissance Masters of religious art at her secondary school in the UK. The emotional impact of the passion of Christ masterpieces deeply affected Lawrence in her formative years as an artist but it is only now, with the maturity and artistic skill that have developed steadily over the years that she felt able to go back to the beginning, and create a series of works that are truly exceptional.

Lawrence’s objective with this collection has been to produce modern contemporary interpretations of these timeless classics; to recharge their universal relevance with a fresh potency and it is in this collection that the power of her work is so beautifully illustrated.  The masterpieces, primarily from the Renaissance period, which she has focused on include works by:

Michelangelo born in Tuscany ((1475 – 1564)

Caravaggio born in Milan (1571-1610),

Annibale Carracci born in Bologna (1560-1609)

El-Greco born in Crete (1541-1614)

Tommaso Salini born in Rome (1575-1625)

Jean-Baptiste Jouvenet born in France (1644 – 1717)

Peter Paul Rubens born in Germany (1577-1640)

Dirck Van Baburen born in the Netherlands (1595-1624)

A donation from the exhibition proceedings will be give to The Rotary Club La Vallette Malta.

History of the venue: The Oratory of The Crucifix (one of the original 24 fraternities of Cospicua) was built as an annex to the Parish church in 1710 and merits particular mention. In addition to its outstanding architectural beauty and its sculptures in stone, it possesses two paintings by Mattia Preti and four by Francesco Zahra. Its centre of attraction, however, is the niche where the miraculous statue of Jesus the Redeemer is exposed for the perpetual veneration of the faithful.