Art Materials

Many times a budding artist has been put off pursuing their interest in painting because they cannot seem to get the desired results in their work and its often because they are using poor quality materials. We have a limited number of products for the courses from the excellent range Faber Castell materials which can be purchased from our studio. We’ve put together a list of recommended materials for you to bring which can be printed out here.’

art materials for ADULT painting & Drawing students


Paper or Canvas: Brushes & Other Materials:

Cadmium Yellow

Cadmium Red
Alizarin Crimson

Burnt Sienna 
Burnt Umber
Titanium White
Ivory Black

(NB. Acrylics come in two ranges: Student & Artist quality. Student quality are cheaper because they have less colour pigment in them and therefore colours are less 
vibrant and less durable.


(a)  acrylic paper pad 16 x 20″ or larger and should be no less than 140
weight so you dont have to worry about paper buckling
while doing wet washes

(b) Canvas – small sizes eg 30 x 40 cm


Painting Supplies:

(a) small ROUND synthetic acrylic brush

(b)small 1/4″ FLAT synthetic acrylic brush
(c) medium 1/2″ FLAT synthetic acrylic brush
(d) large 3/4″ FLAT synthetic acrylic brush
(recommended: Windsor & Newton Cotman synthetic brushes)
x Hake brush (approx 2″ white bristle brush good for laying washes)
– you can improvise by using a cooking basting brush

(e) old t-shirt or apron

Drawing supplies:

(f) graphite lead pencils

(g) eraser

(h) sharpener

(note: we sell the above items)

art materials for JUNIOR students
All painting & drawing materials provided free except fine tip permanent black marker pen and glue stick which are available for sale at the studio (a)
A3 cartridge sketching pad
(b) A3 sketching paper pa
 old t-shirt or apron


art supply stores in Malta:

Art Shop,
South Street, VALLETA
Tel:2123 7455
(note: Galea will give you 10% discount if you produce a signed business
card which I can give you)

, 8, Amery Street Sliema
Tel: 21
31 4453

GEE BEE Art Shop,
Republic Str. VALLETA
Tel: 2138 1380


, Triq il-Konstituzzijoni, Tat-Targa,
MOSTA (near B4 Textiles)
Tel: 2141 9113
(big shop with great selection of papers,
canvases and paints)