Adult Art Classes

"No amount of skillful invention can replace the essential element of imagination."
Edward Hopper

Adult courses in drawing and painting are held at C.S.Lawrence Art studio on Monday evenings (drawing) from 6.00-8.00pm and Friday mornings (acrylic painting) from 10:00-12:00pm. The courses run consistently throughout the year and students are required to pay for a minimum of 4 weeks in advance. Each weekly class is for 2 hours and costs 10 euros. Paid classes are non-refundable, however if 24 hours prior notice of non-attendance is given, then a missed class can be substituted with another class within the 4 paid weeks, if available. Students who wish to continue may do so with an advance payment for each consecutive 4 weeks.  

Generally anyone over 15 yrs will be put into an adult class. The Adult courses cover learning how to see, development of drawing skills using various media such as charcoal and graphite pencils, understanding perspective and painting in acrylic. Being based in the gloriously picturesque location of the Three Cities surrounding the Grand Harbour, we will periodically take you out to paint the quaint alleyways, the marinas, the grand bastions, the churches and other beautiful buildings in the area. 

Acrylics are far easier to use than watercolors or oils but the only drawback in using them is that they dry fast so you don't have as much time to mix and manipulate colours like you do with watercolour and oil. However, the great thing about acrylics is that you can water them down to apply thin washes as well as use them thickly to produce impasto effects. You can mix colours with a variety of textured pastes and also use different tools to create marks which produce interesting effects. 

You will be taught how to layer acrylic colours; how to mix colours and use various mixed media techniques. You will also be shown how to mix colours without muddying them; how to put more "punch" into your painting by understanding complementary colours; how to use composition techniques to make your painting more eye-catching;how to work around mistakes and even incorporate into your picture the unexpected surprises that working with water-based mediums often produce.

Drawing is, in Caroline's opinion, an essential skill which enables an artist to tackle any subject confidently. And working in monotone gives you a solid grounding in understanding the relationship between shapes and tones. Using charcoal or graphite leads, you will be taught how to translate 3-D objects onto a 2-D surface based on the simple rules of perspective.

Materials: Many times a budding artist has been put off pursuing their interest in painting because they cannot seem to get the desired results in their work and its often because they are using poor quality materials. Certainly good quality art materials don't come cheap but its a worthwhile investment in the long run. We've put together a list of recommended materials for you to bring which can be printed out here